1. Callicutt, Dale PhD, RN-BC, NPD-BC, CCRN-K
  2. Walker, Mandi DNP, RN, CCRN-K, NPD-BC, NEA-BC

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The goal of the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) is to be acknowledged as the expert voice, advocate, and leading resource for nursing professional development (NPD) practice. In 2017, four areas in the strategic plan involved the NPD role delineation, managing transitions, leadership, and ANPD value proposition (ANPD, 2020b). In 2019, the ANPD board of directors (BOD) began to plan for the next 5-year strategic plan, covering 2020-2025. ANPD's vision involves being the thought and practice leader for NPD, whereas ANPD's mission is to advance quality health care by defining and promoting NPD practice (ANPD, 2020a). ANPD's BOD is dedicated to continuing the growth and development of the NPD specialty in the future.

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In order to maintain focus and ensure progress, the BOD contracted with Kari Schmidt, who has assisted in the ANPD strategic plan development in years past, to look to the future. Through the work of the board, three pillars became the foundation for a new strategic plan. The strategic planning process would include alignment, focus, and accountability for the ANPD organization. Through it all, the BOD sought to ensure input from the membership constituency would be intertwined with shaping the future of the organization.


The plan would include initial meetings with the BOD to discuss process and timeline, development of a member survey to determine needs, and analyzing data from the member survey. In the survey to ANPD's membership, topics inquired about included advocating for the NPD role; evidence-based practice, products, and services; publications; growth of ANPD; partnership with other organizations; commitment to diversity of members; and partnership with non-healthcare professional development organizations.


The member survey was completed by approximately 390 members, ranging from minimal experience in the role to 20+ years. Most members completing the survey worked in acute care hospitals, but other employment settings were represented. Even though a handful of participants did complete the survey from outside the United States, distribution from 43 states were represented in this survey completion. Lastly, the level of expertise was overwhelmingly from an expert constituency, with 62% being certified in the NPD specialty.


Survey results were used to narrow the focus of the strategic plan to ensure alignment with member goals and objectives. Three themes emerged from the member survey:


1. advocating for the NPD specialty,


2. promoting evidence-based practice, and


3. products and services.



These themes were used to develop interview questions for the membership. The BOD conducted one-on-one interviews with ANPD members to garner input on their perceived needs for the organization in the future and focused on the top three priorities identified from the survey. Internal and external strengths and weaknesses were addressed to build on the ANPD brand and value, while also addressing new and recurring issues. Themes from the member interviews were compiled to guide and shape the final strategic plan.


The BOD wants to thank everyone who participated in the strategic planning process, whether by completing the member survey or participating in the member interviews. Members can expect to see the 2025 ANPD Strategic Plan posted to the website in early 2021!




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