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antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT, osteoradionecrosis, surgery, wound healing



  1. Jenwitheesuk, Kamonwan MD
  2. Mahakkanukrauh, Ajanee MD
  3. Punjaruk, Wiyada MD, PhD
  4. Vatanasapt, Patravoot MD
  5. Jenwitheesuk, Kriangsak MD
  6. Surakunprapha, Palakorn MD
  7. Jinaporntham, Suthin MD, DDS
  8. Uraiwan, Krittinant DDS
  9. Limrattanapimpa, Phasuk MNS


ABSTRACT: This study enrolled patients with stage 3 osteoradionecrosis. There were three treatment modalities: antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and surgery. Complete healing was the primary outcome. Multiple logistic regression analysis demonstrated that surgery with HBOT improved wound healing better than HBOT alone.