1. Choi, Hye Seung MSN, RN
  2. Lee, Jong-Eun PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: This study examined the factors associated with nurses' willingness to respond in a disaster.


BACKGROUND: Nurses are key personnel in case of disasters, and therefore, understanding factors associated with willingness to respond is important.


METHODS: Questionnaires were distributed to 200 nurses recruited from 2 public hospitals in Seoul, Korea. Data were collected in January and February 2018 and 181 responses were analyzed.


RESULTS: Factors predicting willingness to respond in a disaster among public hospital nurses were level of education, self-efficacy, and disaster management competency.


CONCLUSIONS: Providing well-organized disaster preparedness and response training programs would enhance nurses' level of knowledge about disasters. In addition, training could improve nurses' self-efficacy and disaster management competency, which should enhance willingness to respond in a disaster.