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  1. Kapel, Alen MSc, PT
  2. Serdoner, Domen MSc, PT
  3. Fabiani, Ester MSc, PT
  4. Velnar, Tomaz PhD, MD


The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on patients with Parkinson disease in the absence of physiotherapy interventions. We analyzed 42 patient surveys on motor and mental aspects in the neurological state. The survey was conducted in 3 primary care-level clinics specialized in neurological rehabilitation in the seventh week of COVID-19 restrictions, which started on March 13, 2020. A number of deteriorations, worsening of disorder, and emerging conditions were found. The absence of physiotherapy interventions in COVID-19 restrictions had a significant multidimensional impact on the neurological state of patients with Parkinson disease.