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  1. Gith, Emad PhD


The research focuses on postpartum depression (PPD) among modern Arab women living in traditional societies. The purpose of the project is to explore the potential impact of the hitherto unstudied factors of level of modernism/traditionalism and the quality of spousal relationship. This study included 1202 participants of different levels of modernism, who completed research questionnaires. The finding showed that 15.2% of the participants suffered from PPD. Modern women suffered from PPD more than their traditional peers. Problematic spousal relationship did not affect PPD among the modern women. About one-third of the respondents were not familiar with the concept of PPD. Depressed respondents refused to disclose their predicament because of the negative stigma attached to PPD and the fear that the husband would marry a second wife. Traditional orientation serves as a resilience factor, which decreases the risk for PPD. It is highly recommended to design and implement antenatal and postnatal education programs for all married women and raise their awareness of PPD and feasible solutions. It is highly important to promise and secure full confidentiality while providing professional treatment. It is also recommended to offer marital counseling for couples who experience problematic relationship communication.