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  1. Clark, Clayton M. DNP, CRNA
  2. Morgan, Brett T. DNP, CRNA
  3. Schmitt, Daniel PhD
  4. Harman, Robert J. DNAP, CRNA
  5. Goode, Victoria PhD, CRNA


This article discusses skill proficiency of providers related to emergency cricothyroidotomies. Various techniques to improve procedural skills were studied. Accurate identification of the cricothyroid membrane via palpation remained consistently inadequate. High-fidelity simulation including the use of human cadavers may be the preferred method of skill training for crisis management. The authors emphasize that additional research is needed regarding a method for rapid cricothyroid membrane identification as well as needle cricothyroidotomy versus surgical airway on cadavers. More consistent training will enable emergency care providers to perform this rare but lifesaving skill.