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It is a great job market for RNs in California, according to Jessica Burchett, human resources coordinator at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, California, just outside of Los Angeles. " There are so many opportunities and we really have a need for nurses," she says. "We do have a shortage here in California and this has presented so many great opportunities for RNs as staff nurses as well as in other areas like consulting, case management, and so much more."



"I think there is a real need in most areas, and the specifics will vary depending on the hospital," says Burchett when asked which specialties are in demand. "I think OR nurses are very difficult to find," she adds. "There are not a lot of training programs out there for OR nurses and therefore finding a trained OR nurse can be difficult. But again, we truly have opportunities in all areas." Although there are no research opportunities at Beverly Hospital, RNs can take advantage of those kinds of opportunities in many hospitals in the area.



The cost of living is fairly high, particularly in Southern California, according to Burchett, but that is because it is such a desirable place to live. "We have countless educational opportunities in the area including many big name schools like UCLA and USC, as well as numerous community colleges and state universities," she adds.


"California is an amazing place to live," says Burchett. "You have snow-capped mountains for skiing within an hour one way, and a sunny beach one hour in the other direction. We are filled with entertainment-Hollywood, beaches, amusement parks, hiking, boating. You'll never be bored in California!!"


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