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  1. Bourgault, Annette M. PhD, RN, CNL, FAAN
  2. Penoyer, Daleen A. PhD, RN, CCRP, FCNS, FCCM
  3. Upvall, Michele J. PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN


Short peripheral catheters (SPCs) are frequently idle when they are not being used for clinical indications. Focus group interviews were performed with multidisciplinary clinicians at a large tertiary hospital to explore SPC practice related to inserting or maintaining idle SPCs. Findings indicated that decision-making regarding insertion and removal of peripheral intravenous catheters depends on internal and external influences, such as the clinicians' knowledge and skills, emotional responses, expectations of others, organizational policies and practices, and the patient. In today's complex health care environment, the need for an SPC may constantly change, yet decision-making about SPC insertion and removal must remain patient-centered and evidence-based.