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  1. Tak, Sunghee H.
  2. Hong, Song Hee


BACKGROUND: Despite the information available on the Internet and the increasing number of older adults who use the Internet, little is known about Internet use for health information by elders with arthritis.


PURPOSE: The purposes of this study were (1) to examine the use of computers and the Internet by elders with arthritis and (2) to describe demographic and illness-related characteristics of elders who use the Internet to find health information.


SAMPLE: Seventy-one elders with arthritis completed survey questionnaires.


FINDINGS: Twenty-eight percent had a computer in their home, of whom 95% had Internet access. Thirty-nine percent sought arthritis information on the Internet. People with more education were more likely to use the Internet. However, age and functional disability resulting from arthritis were not associated with Internet use.


IMPLICATIONS: Health professionals need to be aware of Internet resources and assist elders in finding appropriate Internet-based arthritis information.