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nurse practitioner students, simulation, telehealth simulation, telemedicine



  1. Emerson, Margaret R. DNP, APRN, PHHNP-BC
  2. Buchanan, Lynne PhD, APRN-NP, BC
  3. Golden, Amber DNP, APRN, AGPCNP-BC


Background: Integration of telehealth preparation for nurse practitioner (NP) students varies across programs.


Problem: Nurse practitioner students had gaps in the preparation for using telehealth technology to deliver care and manage specific disorders.


Approach: The purpose of this article is to describe the development and implementation of a telehealth simulation training experience for NP students to prepare them for practice in rural settings.


Outcomes: Nurse practitioner students from various specialties completed the telehealth simulation training experience. The change in presimulation/postsimulation confidence and readiness scores were statistically significant.


Conclusion: This telehealth simulation training experience provided an opportunity for NP students to engage in activities to enhance their knowledge and preparation in providing care via telehealth in a rural setting.