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branching path simulation, decision making, learning, lecture, nursing education



  1. Rababa, Mohammad PhD, CNS, CPT, RN


Background: Nursing education in Jordan is predominantly centered on regular lectures (RLs) that fail to empower students to self-assess their academic performance. Branching path simulation (BPS) is an innovative teaching method that consistently guides the student through a logically defensible analytical thought process to make correct decisions.


Purpose: The aim was to determine the effect of BPS on students' academic performance.


Method: An experimental design with control group design was used.


Results: Students trained by BPS had significant improvement in their academic performance as measured by the mean scores of the Advanced Adult Health Nursing examination compared with RL students.


Conclusion: BPS is an innovative teaching method that requires more attention to be incorporated into the nursing curricula. Given the current learning barriers associated with the high student-educator ratio in Middle Eastern countries, with BPS nursing students have a unique opportunity to self-assess their learning needs.