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More people are using crowdfunding to cover health care expenses. Crowdsourced fundraising, popularly called crowdfunding, involves the use of online platforms to solicit donations for large expenses such as funerals or disaster relief. A recent study in the January 11 JAMA Network Open examined this activity from May 2010 to December 2018 on the popular website GoFundMe, and found that solicitations for medical bills represented a quarter of the fundraisers on the site, amounting to more than $10 billion requested with over $3 billion raised. Notably, the number of medical fundraisers has increased dramatically over time, from just 42 in 2010 to almost 120,000 in 2018. Cancer was the most prevalent condition cited by those seeking charity (35%), followed by trauma/injury (19%), and neurological illness (17%), all conditions carrying a high financial burden for patients.