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  1. Lindauer, Cathleen DNP, RN, CEN
  2. Speroni, Karen Gabel PhD, RN, MHSA
  3. Godinez, Kim BSN, RN
  4. Lurz, Taylor BSN, RN
  5. Oakley, Rossana MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, CMSRN
  6. Zakes, April BSN, RN


OBJECTIVE: Objectives were to evaluate patient perceptions of a nurse-led, patient-centered gratitude intervention and if nurses identified actionable items to improve patient's hospitalization experience.


BACKGROUND: Research demonstrates positive effects of gratitude and caring interventions on patient health and well-being. Evidence is sparse regarding nurse-led gratitude interventions improving hospitalized patient's experiences.


METHODS: In this pilot study, 91 adult medical patients completed gratitude forms twice daily for up to 6 shifts and a study discharge form documenting intervention perceptions. In response to the patients' gratitude-related feedback, RNs recorded patient experience-related actions they and interprofessional teams could implement.


RESULTS: On average, patients perceived the nurse-led gratitude intervention as helpful (4.2) (1 = very unhelpful, 5 = very helpful) and improved hospitalization experiences (4.3) (1 = seldom, 5 = never). Most of the time actions were required or to be taken, based on patient gratitude intervention responses.


CONCLUSIONS: Patient perceptions of nurse-led gratitude intervention demonstrated helpfulness and improved hospitalization experience.