1. Breen, Carlene RN

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I had to write to say how much I enjoyed Therese Cipiti Herron's painting The Clinic Shoe (Art of Nursing, February). I've been a nurse for 25 years. My grandmother, who graduated from nursing school in 1918, wore Clinic shoes until she retired in the 1960s. I spent 20 years in the ICU and wore out many a pair. Nothing else could compare to their comfort, or the professionalism they conveyed.


I recently returned to school to complete my bachelor's in nursing and needed a pair of new shoes for my clinical rotations. I found a distributor in Canada and one in my home state of Missouri. When I wore my Clinic shoes to the long-term care facility, I received many compliments from residents and staff alike. It reminded me of the great honor it has been to work as a nurse.


You have warmed my heart by printing this image. How can I obtain a print of The Clinic Shoe? We have plenty of information these days about the science of nursing. But we must never forget the art of it.


Carlene Breen, RN


Parkville, MO