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EPS, Inc., recently developed the Dispensing-Spike II Reconstitution Device, for reconstituting medication from multiple-dose I.V. vials while providing sterile air filtration. The Dispensing-Spike II has a large, 0.2-micron hydrophobic air filter to trap aerosolized meds and minimize blowback. Its streamlined construction creates short venting and fluid pathways. The sharp, thin, piercing spike minimizes coring and permits easy penetration of rubber-stoppered vials. The Luer lock-port design maintains a secure closure between the device and the syringe. Plus, the hinged cap and easy-gripping spike sheath help maintain sterilization before use, minimize "touch" contamination, and ensure a closed system for disposal.


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Immersion Medical, Inc., introduced a new version of its CathSim AccuTouch System, which trains clinicians by simulating both the look and feel of I.V. access procedures. The newly styled system has a sleeker look and requires fewer cables, which enhances portability. The company incorporated the use of safety needles into software modules for teaching procedures on several patient types and for assessing I.V. skills. The CathSim AccuTouch System uses the most popular brands of safety needles, so trainees learn with the same products they'll find on the job. It provides cognitive and motor skills training supported by best-practice videos, audible patient responses, real-time views that show underlying anatomy and needle angle, and realistic force feedback that lets students feel the "pop" of venipuncture. These technological innovations are supported by a strong and comprehensive didactic component.


For more information, contact Immersion Medical, Inc., at 1-800-929-4709 or

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