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case report, diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, India, telehealth, telemedicine, wound care



  1. Shankhdhar, Kshitij MBBS, MD, PhD


ABSTRACT: In this case report, the treatment of a patient with a diabetic foot ulcer on his left foot was interrupted by the novel coronavirus 2019 pandemic lockdown in India. The author guided the patient via telephone and online services. Based on the history given by the patient, the lesion started as blistering from improperly fitted footwear that then evolved into multiple infected ulcerations on the dorsal surface of the great toe (osteomyelitis with septic arthritis of the joint). Based on a radiograph and other photographs of the foot lesions, the author prescribed amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in combination with linezolid for 2 weeks. Further, the author guided the patient to dress the wound at home using a medical-grade honey-based product. With no option for an outpatient visit, the author guided the patient to use a plastic ruler and place it below the toe during each dressing. Healing (complete epithelialization) was achieved within 4 weeks.