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Clinical projects, interdisciplinary research, nurse, nurse practitioner, team science



  1. Kalmakis, Karen A. PhD (Associate Professor)


ABSTRACT: Complex clinical questions and problems require expertise beyond one discipline to answer or resolve. Research teams that include members with different foundational perspectives across various disciplines are needed. In particular, the growing trend toward technological innovations to help patients self-manage health has been the impetus for the development of interdisciplinary research teams. The goal of this study was to provide guidance for nurse practitioners who are interested in developing effective and successful interdisciplinary teams to complete clinical research projects. A case example is used throughout the study to illustrate the process of interdisciplinary team building. The success of interdisciplinary teams requires team members who are fully invested in the project, available and willing to engage and communicate with other members of the team, and able to form relationships of trust and respect for each discipline's unique contributions to the project.