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Internal Motivators, Nurse Faculty Retention, Social Support, Work Opportunity



  1. Tufano, Virginia
  2. Dolan, Diana Martinez
  3. Willson, Pamela


AIM: The purpose of this study was to identify quantitative instruments that measure characteristics that support nurse educator education, specifically social support, motivation, and work opportunity.


BACKGROUND: Vacancies in nurse faculty positions have left nursing education unable to increase the number of nurses prepared to enter the workforce.


METHOD: A review of education, nursing, and psychological databases was undertaken to identify reported instruments. Identified instruments were analyzed to match three framework-derived concept categories: social support, internal motivators, and work opportunity. Search terms, retrievals, and quality assessments are discussed; identified instruments are ranked by concept categories.


RESULTS: Of 98 articles retrieved, 85 underwent full review, and 7 met the inclusion criteria. From these reports, 20 unique instruments were identified and analyzed.


CONCLUSIONS: There are quantitative instruments that measure the concepts found in the Nurse Educator Retention Framework.