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Interprofessional Education, Nursing Curriculum, Nursing Students, Student Attitudes



  1. Laverentz, Delois Meyer
  2. Young, Elizabeth
  3. Cramer, Emily


Abstract: To meet the demands of complex health care systems with multiple professions, it is recommended that nursing students have interprofessional educational experiences throughout the curriculum. We assessed longitudinal changes in nursing students' attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration in the context of an Interprofessional Education Passport Program. Students were surveyed using the Interprofessional Attitudes Scale at the beginning and end of the two-year curriculum. Students showed significant improvement from baseline to posttest in three of five subscales: Teamwork, Roles, and Responsibilities; Interprofessional Biases; and Community-Centeredness. A longitudinal interprofessional education curriculum may influence students' attitudes regarding teamwork, roles, responsibilities, and biases.