1. Wang, Shu-Yi PhD, RN, CNS
  2. Goerke, Karleen EdD, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Article Content

The COVID-19 outbreak has created urgency for learning institutions to incorporate tools to promote distance learning as a key to uninterrupted education for students. For skills such as physical assessments and nursing techniques, it is challenging to provide suitable feedback for the application of the learned skill. If video and instant feedback are added to a course to enhance and reinforce learning, then distance programs could be more efficacious for these application courses. The GoReact platform ( is a video-based assessment tool that allows nursing students in the laboratory/home to record their own performance using any smartphone or laptop.1 The video is then uploaded to the cloud, where teachers can view the video and leave time-coded text, video, or audio feedback. All feedback is typed and is also timestamped at the exact corresponding time in the video so students can immediately see the evaluator's comments. The process results in a detailed and meaningful feedback process delivered without hours of review. Another feature of the GoReact platform is providing critical peer videos to stimulate collaboration and self-reflection. Peers can learn additional skills and techniques through feedback using GoReact. Educators can create their own account at for a free trial before purchasing a license. This method can provide a beneficial strategy to successfully adopt new technology in distance learning.




1. Speakworks, Inc. How it works. 2018. Available at: Accessed September 7, 2020. [Context Link]