1. Yocom, Danielle DNP, RN, FNP-BC

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As a result of COVID-19, clinical instruction needed to shift rapidly to the online setting. To help meet this need, a case focusing on caring for patients with Alzheimer's disease and their families was presented via a zoom session. Prior to this session, students completed and submitted templates focusing on dementia care and medications specific to the case via the Learning Management System. At the start of the zoom session, an audio recording of a patient's story was played. Students identified patient and family concerns including safety, caregiver role strain, and progression of dementia. Next, documents from a preexisting ACE.Z case were extracted to focus on key components of a patient chart and presented via zoom screen-sharing. Information including medical and social history, objective and subjective data, and Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation between health care team members were highlighted as faculty facilitated forward movement of the discussion. Additionally, ConsultGeri tools (, such as The Geriatric Depression Scale, were integrated in the session, with the student determining scores and making recommendations by reviewing pertinent information from the case. Although usually completed in the face-to-face clinical environment, an online zoom session allowed for student exposure to score geriatric tools and share recommendations based on findings.