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Getting to Know You

I would like to introduce myself to you in my first president's column. The first, and most important, thing that you need to know about me is that I love nursing-always have, always will. I never intend to stop being a nurse.


I have been a nurse for a very long time. Forty years ago in 1965, I began the diploma program at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, Pa. I was a 17-year-old kid when I started and a 20-year-old adult when I graduated. My first love, and what I still consider as my specialty, is emergency nursing. I was running around emergency departments long before the television show made it cool to do so. I took the CEN exam the second time it was given and have maintained certification since then.


In 1970, during the height of the Vietnam war, I joined the US Navy Nurse Corps and spent the next two years at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla. I met and married my husband, a Navy pilot, there. I left the Navy in 1972 and spent several years after that as a part-time nurse and a full-time mommy to two little ones. I used the GI bill to return to school full-time in 1979 and finished a bachelor's, then a master's, and finally a doctoral degree in nursing by 1988. I also completed a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship in nursing intervention in 1995.


My academic career began after 20 years of progressive management experience in the service sector. I soon found that I missed taking care of patients, so I also began part-time clinical practice. I have taught nursing at Texas Woman's University, the University of Utah, and Texas Christian University. I have practiced nursing in Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and Utah, in various settings including emergency departments, primary care settings, medical-surgical units, and intensive care units. Because I firmly believe you can never have too many initials after your name, I have also completed 3 post-master's certificate programs in advanced practice-adult medical-surgical clinical nurse specialist, adult nurse practitioner, and gerontologic nurse practitioner. My current academic position is of an associate professor and director of the graduate program in nursing at Texas Christian University. In my current clinical position, I work with one of the leading internists in Fort Worth in an office practice.


I have been active in NACNS for about 5 years. I was elected to the Board 2 years ago. I am the first NACNS president who was not elected, but appointed by the board of directors after the resignation of the president-elect. I believe I bring a wealth of experience to this presidency that will be helpful me. This is a turbulent, challenging time in nursing and it is vitally important that the voice of NACNS be heard. My goals for the next year are to increase the visibility of NACNS, to protect the interests of CNSs, and to continue to advance the current NACNS agenda. I look forward to a busy year!!


My students will tell you that my door is always open to them. It's now always open to you. That door has become virtual since our graduate program went on-line. My e-mail address is You can also reach me through the NACNS homepage.


NACNS Updates

A Thank You to Our Sponsors and Exhibitors!!


The NACNS National Conference for 2005 "CNS Leadership: Navigating the Healthcare Environment Toward Excellence" has come and gone. It was held March 9-12, 2005. The Board of Directors would like to take a moment to thank the following sponsors and exhibitors for their support in making it a very successful conference.






* A Fashion Hayvin Inc


* Alternative Link


* Aurora Ministries


* Blackwell Publishing Inc


* Books Are Fun, Inc


* Calmoseptine, Inc


* Carroll Hospital Group


* Clarian Health Partners


* Dale Medical Products


* Freeman Health System


* GMP Wireless Medicine Inc


* Hill-Rom


* Hovertech International


* IVS & inTeleCare, Inc


* Kadlec Medical Center




* Lantiseptic


* Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Inc.


* Mayo Clinic


* Nurse Competence in Aging/The Hartford Institute


* Pepid LLC


* Sage Products, Inc


* Scios, Inc


* Spectrum Health


* Sunrise Hospital


* The University of Kansas Hospital


* Triline Wound Support Services


* Walk4Life, Inc


* Wee Care Baby Products, Inc


* Zoll Medical, Inc



Donations in support of the conference were also received from the following generous donors: Hoag Hospital, M & T Bank, and Reuel Deppen. Thank you to each and every one!!


News From Our Affiliates


The legislative process has begun!! Our bill for CNS prescriptive authority is on its way through the Oregon legislature, being shepherded by our Lobbyist, Martin Taylor, Sue Davidson, and a CNS student, Ginger Keller. Ginger is learning the ropes of the political process firsthand with Sue Davidson as her guide and mentor!! At the time of writing of this article our bill was numbered as SB 460 and had passed through the senate health committee to the floor of the senate. Hopefully by the time this is published we will have a new piece of legislation that will allow optional prescriptive authority for CNSs in Oregon. March saw a number of Oregon CNSs attending the conference and very happily accepting the Affiliate of the Year award!! Many thanks for the recognition that this honor brings with it and the acknowledgment of the work that brought us to that recognition. The affiliate thanks the board with all its heart!!



On February 7, 2005, the Texas Legislature celebrated Advanced Practice Nursing Legislative Day at the capital in Austin, Tex. A forum was held at the Omni Hotel in which a panel of 5 advanced practice nurses (APNs) presented the different roles of the APN and current legislative issues. The Clinical Nurse Specialists of Central Texas (CNSCT) and the Seton Medical Center (SMC) were honored to have one of their own members present the role of the CNS. Our own Vice President Dorothy Darby provided an inspiring and motivational speech about CNS roles and their focus on the 3 spheres of influence. After the presentation the APNs were able to meet with legislators and review present issues facing advanced practice nursing practice. It was rewarding to see the number of CNSs in the political arena.


The CNSCT motivation moved forward with the program development of a radio show presenting Cardiovascular Disease and the Afro-American population. The American Heart Association Afro-American Task Force and SMC sponsored the 5-series live radio presentation called "Heart to Heart with Darby and Sherry." The series is hosted by 2 of our officers who are CNSs at SMC: Sherry Alvardo, RN, MSN, CNS and Dorothy Darby, RN, MSN, CNS. They have provided educational information to assist individuals in health life changes, increase awareness of the specific disease process, and self-empowerment in preventive care. Carol Grinnell, RN, MSN, CNS, from SMC appeared as the guest speaker concerning self-empowerment. The series began in February during the Afro-American History Month and airs on Tuesday mornings from 8:00 to 9:00 AM. The show provides expert evidence-based practice information from different healthcare providers. Recognizing the benefit of an informed staff, IBM has already contacted Sherry and Darby to inquire about their availability to present the entire series to their personnel.


Committee Reports

The NACNS convention in March was a time when the numerous committees and subcommittees of the NACNS had an opportunity to meet and discuss many issues in a face-to-face format. This edition of the journal contains no reports from committees as the publication date for this edition was in fact before the actual conference. Be on the lookout!! The next edition of the newsletter will likely contain the outcomes of many of those committee meetings.


Board Member Farewells and Introductions

The convention marked the end of one board cycle and the beginning of another. The board says a fond "Fare Thee Well" to Nancy Dayhoff. Nancy served as a member of the board for 1 term (2 years) and as our vice president for 1 term (2 years). Her responsibilities have included drafting documents as a first run for the board to consider regarding positions on various topics, addressing the collaborative interaction with nurse practitioners, and serving as the reality check when issues related to business models arose as she is an entrepreneur nurse and owns her own consulting business. Her extremely thoughtful analysis of issues and raising questions of tremendous value will be missed as the board moves into new territory. Her position is being filled by Theresa Murray, our Vice President for 2005-2007. Thank you Nancy [horizontal ellipsis] for all you have done for NACNS. We expect that you will continue in a consultative and advisory role to the board for many years to come.


Another member who leaves the board in one capacity but comes on in another is Jan Fulton, our Immediate Past President for 2004-2005, and ongoing editor of the CNS Journal. Her hats may be changing, but it is expected that Jan will continue to keep our feet to the fire on the board!!


There are also new board members who have joined the board and others who have been "recycled" into new roles. Below is a listing of all the members of the new 2005-2006 Board of Directors. As we move through the subsequent editions of the newsletter you will be introduced to the new members as each of them is introduced in their new roles.


PRESIDENT, TERM - 3/13/2006


Kathleen M. Baldwin, PhD, RN, CEN, CCRN, ANP, GNP


Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Nursing


Texas Christian University


Harris School of Nursing




Theresa M. Murray, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNS


Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist


Community Health Network


1500 Ritter Ave


Indianapolis, IN 46219


SECRETARY, TERM - 3/13/2006


Jane Walker, PhD, RN


Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator


School of Nursing


Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN




Kelly A Goudreau, DSN, RN, CNS


Director of Education/Associate Chief of Staff for Education


Portland VA Medical Center, P3EDUC


3710 SW US Veterans Hospital Road


Portland, OR 97239




Angela P. Clark, PhD, RN, CS, FAAN, FAHA


Associate Professor of Nursing


University of Texas at Austin


1700 Red River


Austin, TX 78701


TREASURER, TERM - 3/13/2006


Peggy Gerard, DNSc, RN


Professor and Dean, School of Nursing


Purdue University Calumet


Hammond, IN


MEMBER, TERM - 3/12/2007


Susan Dresser, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNS


Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist


St. Anthony Heart Hospital


1000 N Lee St.


Oklahoma City, OK 73101


MEMBER, TERM - 3/13/2006


Pat Bielecki, MS, RNC, APN/CNS-


Women's Health Advocate


Lutheran General Hospital


1775 Dempster


Park Ridge, IL 60068


MEMBER, TERM - 3/13/2006


Barbara Hazard Munro, PhD, RN, FAAN


Dean William F. Connell School of Nursing


Boston College, Cushing Hall


140 Commonwealth Ave


Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3812


MEMBER, TERM - 3/12/2007


Linda D. Urden, DNSc, RN, CNA, FAAN


Executive Director, Nursing Quality, Education & Research


Palomar Pomerado Health System


Escondido California


Clinical Professor


University of San Diego


San Diego, CA




Christine Carson Filipovich, MSN, RN


Executive Director


2090 Linglestown Rd, Suite 107


Harrisburg, PA 17110


Phone: 717-234-6799


Fax: 717-234-6798




News Briefs

Karen A. Doran Selected Clinical Nurse Specialist of the Year


The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) selected Karen A. Doran, MSN, RN, CNS to receive the 2004 Clinical Nurse Specialist of the Year Award. She received the award at the NACNS Conference Awards Luncheon in Orlando, Fla Ms Doran, who resides in Ottertail, MN, is a Cardiovascular CNS at Mercy and Unity Hospitals in Coon Rapids, MN.


NACNS created the award to nationally recognize a NACNS member for outstanding professional achievement in the 3 spheres of CNS influence. The award acknowledges a nurse who demonstrates CNS competencies and exemplary practice in patient care, nursing, and health care delivery systems.


In her nomination, peers and colleagues described Ms Doran as a great mentor, a great problem solver, and an inspiration to staff. Ms Doran was instrumental in the development of a cardiovascular program specifically for women. Her selection was made from a nationwide sample of nominees.


Congratulations Karen!!


Oregon Council of Clinical Nurse Specialists Selected as Affiliate of the Year


The NACNS established the Affiliate of the Year award in 2004 in recognition of the contributions made by the affiliates to the association. The award recognizes affiliates that have demonstrated sustained growth of the NACNS member component; offered an innovative, creative continuing education class, conference, or program that focuses on CNS practice; developed leadership in an effort to prepare CNSs for local, regional, and/or national office in a professional group; contributed to the growth and activities of NACNS; and that had a member and/or members of the affiliate contribute an article to the CNS journal on a topic of interest to CNSs in practice.


The OCCNS has been very involved in local-, state-, and national-level activities related to the CNS role and practice. The energy provided by the members in many areas of the NACNS and the enduring efforts made by the members is recognized as outstanding and the group has been awarded the NACNS Affiliate of the Year for 2005.


Jan Fulton Selected to Receive the Brenda Lyon Leadership Award


Jan Fulton was recognized for her leadership of NACNS most recently as our immediate past president and as the journal editor. In both instances she has provided leadership that has enhanced the scholarship of the journal and the unique contributions of CNSs to healthcare. This award was given in recognition of all the work she has done on behalf of CNSs and the NACNS in national forums and debates.


Dr Fulton provided seminal leadership for NACNS in a variety of initiatives during her 15-month presidency of NACNS, an unprecedented term due to a change in the bylaws to better match the timing of the national conference. She facilitated the writing of position statements and, in general, disseminating of NACNS messages to a variety of extremely important national forums, sometimes in challenging environments. She was an active participant on the Statement Task Force in the revisions of the Statement on CNS Practice and Education (2004). She was selected as the editor of the CNS journal from a field of other talented applicants, and served in both roles-Editor and President for her term as President. She is a champion of CNS causes and has provided exemplary leadership in many roles, including treasurer, board member, president-elect, president, and now past president.


Dr Nancy Dayhoff Selected as the Recipient of the Sue B. Davidson Service Award


Dr Dayhoff has served NACNS for many years with intelligent, thoughtful insight in a variety of roles, including 2 years as Vice President, Co-chair of the Conference Committee, NACNS's representative to the task force for the ANA Scope and Standards (2004) revisions, very active participant member of the NACNS Statement task force to revise the Statement on CNS Practice and Education (2004), Co-editor for the CNS journal column entitled "Nurse Entrepreneur," and NACNS representative to a variety of other national meetings. In addition to her intellect, Dr Dayhoff brings grace, humor, and the ability to respectfully communicate with her colleagues. She is an absolutely stellar NACNS leader and is deserving of this prestigious service award.


Announcements From the Board

Barbara Hazard Munro, a member of the NACNS Board of Directors, recently published the fifth edition of her book Statistical Methods for Health Care Research (2005). The book is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and is now available. Dr Munro reports that the enclosed CD-ROM gives free access to 3 online journals at, as well as a database for use with the text.


Submitted by


Kelly Goudreau, DSN, RN, CNS


Submitted by


Carol Grinnell


Sherry Alvarado


Dorothy Darby