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anxiety, coping, COVID-19, pandemic, nursing students



  1. Savitsky, Bella PhD
  2. Findling, Yifat MA
  3. Ereli, Anat MA
  4. Hendel, Tova PhD


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic initiated a period of new and difficult challenges for nursing students.


Purpose: The aim of this study was to assess the change in levels of anxiety and ways of coping when the lockdown was being lifted compared with the period of the most severe lockdown restrictions.


Methods: First- to fourth-year nursing students in Israel (N = 244) completed 2 surveys conducted during the initial lockdown and 5 weeks later.


Results: When the restrictions were lightened, the mean anxiety score decreased from 9.3 to 7.5 (P < .0001). Among Muslims students, the trend was the opposite, and anxiety levels increased. Stronger resilience was associated with lower odds for anxiety. Mental disengagement and information seeking were associated with higher anxiety levels.


Conclusions: The pandemic created unparalleled stressful situations for nursing students. Faculty should have heightened awareness of these stressors and act to implement innovative resolutions for the problems that arise.