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academic outcomes, achievement emotions, mindfulness, nursing students, sociocognitive mindfulness



  1. Lee, Mikyoung PhD, RN
  2. Jang, Keum-Seong PhD, RN


Background: This study integrates the underexamined sociocognitive mindfulness and achievement emotions in nursing.


Purpose: This study examined the relationships between meditative and sociocognitive mindfulness and between mindfulness, achievement emotions, and academic outcomes. It also investigated the mediating effects of achievement emotions.


Methods: In total, 459 Korean nursing students completed a questionnaire measuring mindfulness, achievement emotions, and academic outcomes. Three-step regression analysis and Sobel test were performed to explore the mediating effects of achievement emotions.


Results: Meditative and sociocognitive mindfulness correlated with each other; they correlated positively with positive achievement emotions and academic outcomes and negatively with negative emotions. Students' positive emotions correlated positively with academic outcomes, whereas negative emotions correlated negatively. The mediating effects of emotions on the relationships between mindfulness and academic outcomes were found.


Conclusions: Both mindfulness perspectives are related to enhancing students' positive emotions and reducing negative emotions, ultimately influencing their academic outcomes. The mediation results emphasize the benefits of positive emotions and disadvantages of negative emotions between mindfulness and outcomes.