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  1. Klaphajone, Jakkrit MD
  2. Wattanapan, Pattra MD
  3. Tunwattanapong, Punjama MD
  4. Wangno, Wuttiganok MD
  5. Kuptniratsaikul, Vilai MD
  6. the KPI Team for Rehabilitation Service Indicator


Objective: To explore common complications in people with neurological conditions during rehabilitation admission.


Methods: All neurological subjects, including those with stroke, spinal cord injury (SCI), and traumatic brain injury, who were admitted for intensive and less-intensive rehabilitation programs during January to December 2012 were recruited. Both avoidable and unavoidable complications and related factors were assessed.


Results: Among 1146 subjects, 65% was male with a mean age of 54.5 years. Almost 90% were admitted for intensive rehabilitation. The common avoidable complications that occurred were urinary tract infection (UTI) (12.8%), musculoskeletal pain (7.0%), neuropathic pain (2.3%), pneumonia (1.5%), and pressure injury (1.2%). Spasticity, which is an unavoidable complication, occurred in 2.1% of subjects. Older age, male gender, diagnosis of SCI, and longer stay were important factors related to complications.


Conclusions: Most of the common complications during rehabilitation were avoidable complications, especially UTI and pain. A heightened level of awareness and vigilance should be exercised in older male subjects, those with prolonged hospital stay, and those with a diagnosis of SCI.