1. Brucker, Mary C. CNM, DNSc, FACNM

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A Daybook for Nurses: Making a Difference Each Day, by Sharon Hudacek, PhD, RN. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing: 2004. 166 pages.


In her inspiring book, A Daybook for Nurses: Making a Difference Each Day, Sharon Hudacek has collected and shared personal quotes, anecdotes, poems, and observations from nurses all over the world. She has organized these thoughts and words into short, reflective entries for each day of the year. It is her hope that the reader will receive inspiration from these daily readings that honor the great words and rich experiences of nurses. Following are a few excerpts from the book to give the reader a glimpse into some of the inspirational entries:


March 10: "I have learned that as nurses we can help provide strength with just a word, a touch, or only our presence." (Cathy A. Yee)


May 13: "The family becomes our patient; we nurse the patient and the loved ones." (Allethaire Cullen)


November 14: "How often have you paused at the end of a particularly challenging shift and wondered, 'Why am I here?' I am proud to say I am a nurse. But sometimes we forget why we entered the nursing profession." (Susan Yeakel)


December 8: "After ten years, and many experiences, memories about life and death have been the most profound of all. Although I do not fully understand why, I believe God has a purpose in everything, and allows things to happen for a reason. Patients come into your life for a reason, and God entrusts them in your care. Now, I know why I am a nurse." (Julie A. Louder)


December 26: "My patients give me more than they'll ever know. It is a privilege to do what I do--my memories never let me forget." (Teresa M. Conte)



The reader will find that some entries speak to them, personally, more than others. What touches one reader may not touch another reader in the same way. Overall, the book is inspiring and the short, daily meditations can provide strength and encouragement to nurses, as the author intends.


Any nurse would enjoy having this book, especially one who practices daily meditation or one who would like to begin the practice. Even nurses who are not able to read the entries every day would enjoy randomly reading some of the meditations from time to time. This book would be a great gift idea for any nurse. The book would also be a nice addition to any work setting. Nurses could either share the daily entry with each other, or each nurse could pick it up and read it on his or her own.


Mary C. Brucker, CNM, DNSc, FACNM


Director, Women's Health Program, Parkland School of Nurse-Midwifery at the University of Texas