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Electronic-based program, Evaluation of nursing practice, HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases, Informatics, Nursing care, Omaha System



  1. Ornek, Ozlem Koseoglu PhD, RN
  2. Ardic, Aysun PhD, RN


The Omaha System is a standardized health care terminology that has been used in many different settings for nursing care worldwide for more than 20 years. In Turkey, it has been used mainly in nursing education and research. In this context, the purpose of this study was to examine paper-based nursing care plans of inpatients with HIV/AIDS according to the Omaha System and to assess the clinical suitability of the Omaha System. The study has a descriptive-retrospective design and was carried out at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology in a hospital. The sample consisted of 30 patients with HIV/AIDS who were chosen randomly from patients hospitalized between January 2007 and April 2017. Nursing care plans were reevaluated and encoded according to the Omaha System. The five most frequently diagnosed problems were oral health (27.2%), neuromusculoskeletal function (20.2%), communicable/infectious condition (19.4%), skin condition (13.2%), and circulation (5.7%). A total of 4409 nursing interventions were applied to solve the problems, and almost 74% of the interventions were categorized in the surveillance. Among the targets, physical signs/symptoms were indicated for more than 68% (3.026). The results confirmed the clinical suitability of the Omaha System.