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  1. Klompstra, Leonie PhD
  2. Johansson Ostbring, Malin PhD
  3. Jaarsma, Tiny PhD
  4. Agren, Susanna PhD
  5. Fridlund, Bengt PhD
  6. Hjelm, Carina PhD
  7. Hjelmfors, Lisa PhD
  8. Ingadottir, Brynja PhD
  9. Liljeroos, Maria PhD
  10. Lundgren, Johan PhD
  11. Martensson, Jan PhD
  12. Mourad, Ghassan PhD
  13. Thylen, Ingela PhD
  14. Walfridsson, Ulla PhD
  15. Stromberg, Anna PhD
  16. on behalf of the Collaboration and Exchange in Swedish cardiovascular caring Academic Research (CESAR) network