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Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, awarded its 2005 Advanced Wound Management Technology Innovation & Leadership Award to ConvaTec, Skillman, NJ, at the Excellence in Medical Devices Awards Banquet in San Francisco, CA. Frost & Sullivan recognized ConvaTec for consistently producing innovative products of superior quality. The annual award honors world-class companies for outstanding performance and achievement in the medical devices industry.


ConvaTec's wound care product line includes DuoDERM hydrocolloid dressings, AQUACEL Hydrofiber dressings, and Kaltostat alginate dressings. Its newest wound care brands are Versiva absorbent dressing and AQUACEL Ag antimicrobial wound dressing for acute and chronic wounds.


Innocoll, Inc, Aston, PA, has been granted patents for 2 new products. A patent for "Composite Dressings for Treatment of Wounds" has been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. It covers a product composed of a new collagen-based composite material designed for the treatment of deep wounds.


The European Patent Office has granted a patent for "Multilayer Collagen Matrix for Tissue Reconstruction," which covers the use and manufacture of multilayer collagen-based matrices for surgical applications, including tissue and organ reconstruction. The collagen matrices are capable of promoting formation of granulation tissue, angiogenesis, and vascularization, and may also be used for targeted delivery of bioactive agents to a specific tissue or organ.


Innocoll is developing a series of products for wound management using its proprietary, commercialized collagen-based delivery technology, CollaRx.


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The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania (LSGPA) has invested $500,000 in AciesHealth, Inc, Bellefonte, PA. AciesHealth will acquire, develop, and market products to serve the chronic wound care market. Funds will be matched by other investors and used to complete acquisitions, launch new products, and expand staffing.


The LSGPA was formed to accelerate economic growth through commercialization of discoveries in the life sciences.


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Antares Pharma Inc, Exton, PA, has filed an investigational new drug application for the company's first proprietary pharmaceutical product (AP-1034), oxybutynin ATD gel, for overactive bladder syndrome. The Food and Drug Administration granted the company the right to proceed directly to a Phase II dose-ranging study on concurrence with the protocol submitted, as well as to conduct only a single Phase III study.


AP-1034 uses Antares Pharma's proprietary advanced transdermal delivery gel technology designed to allow delivery of active substances across the skin. The AP-1034 formulation is a clear and odorless gel designed to be rapidly absorbed through the skin following a once-a-day application on the abdomen, shoulders, or thighs, and has reduced adverse effects.


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DM Systems, Inc, Evanston, IL, has uploaded a new Web site, The site is designed to be more user-friendly and includes information on the company's wound care, orthopedic, and rehabilitation products.


In addition, the site offers a search function for national and international dealers and sales representatives to assist potential customers in locating a source for products. A literature request form and e-mail link is also included.