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Competencies, EHR, Electronic health records, Informatics, Interprofessional, Simulation, Technology



  1. McBride, Susan PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FAAN
  2. Thomas, Laura PhD, RN, CNE
  3. Decker, Sharon PhD, RN, FSSH, ANE, FAAN


Rapid deployment of electronic health records has resulted in a need for simulation centers to integrate the use of electronic health records into simulation-based learning activities within the clinical workflow. To assess the quality of the documentation in the electronic health record, the Competency Assessment in Simulation of Electronic Health Records Tool was developed. Lynn's method of content validity, combined with nominal group and Delphi techniques, was used to identify 15 domains of best practice in documentation. Participants with expertise in academic education, simulation, and informatics provided input into the development of the tool. The tool evolved over three rounds of Delphi that refined the language and provided anchors to promote accurate assessment of student and nurse documentation. The results of the Delphi narrowed the 15 domains down to 10 domains for scoring best practices in electronic documentation within simulation-based learning activities. The Competency Assessment in Simulation of Electronic Health Records Tool was developed to address the electronic health record competencies of both nursing students and practicing nurses in a simulation environment.