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BCMA, Jordan, Medication administration technology, Nurses' compliance, Observational study



  1. Othman, Elham H. MSN, RN
  2. Darawad, Muhammad W. PhD, RN


Medication administration using bar-code medication administration technology enhances the verification of medication administration rights. Nurses' compliance with bar-code medication administration procedure is essential to maximize the benefits. This study evaluated the current rate of nurses' compliance with bar-code medication administration use through direct observation. A descriptive design was used and 134 RNs were recruited from two public hospitals located in the middle region of Jordan. Compliance with bar-code medication administration was evaluated using an evidence-based checklist of 17 items. Participants' compliance with the bar-code medication administration was 55%, which had a significant positive correlation with their level of comfort using bar-code medication administration, usefulness, and ease of use, perceived job productivity, and overall rating of bar-code medication administration. Stakeholders can benefit from assessing end-user acceptance and perceptions regarding the bar-code medication administration technology to promote acceptance and compliance.