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Exercise, Low back pain, Video, Web



  1. Park, Kyung Hye MS
  2. Song, Mi Ryeong PhD


The purpose of this study was to develop a Web exercise video for nursing intervention among outpatients with low back pain by applying the analysis-design-development-implementation-evaluation model to promote continuous exercise. During the analysis phase, we assessed the needs for the lower back exercise video as well as details of the current situations of the participants. Additionally, we investigated the intervention methods that the medical practitioners thought would be helpful in promoting lower back exercise. After the design and development phase, a lower back exercise video of 5 minutes 46 seconds was developed. The main contents in the video were the stretching and flexing exercises of the spine and muscles, including "One knee to chest," "Both knees to chest," "Hip bridge," "Prone position to erect spine," "Kneeling back extension," "Kneeling, opposite arm and leg raised," and "Sitting rotation stretch." For the implementation and analysis phase, a pilot test was done. The lower back exercise video was posted on the Web site, and participants watched the video and exercised individually. Participants reported that they were able to use the Web video whenever required, and after following the video a few times, they grew accustomed to the practice and were able to perform it repeatedly to help strengthen the lower back. In the future, experimental research is needed to confirm the effectiveness of exercise using Web video.