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Anesthesia, Handoff, IPASS, Postoperative, Task, user, representation, and function, Usability



  1. Benton, Samuel Edison DNP, RN, CCRN
  2. Hueckel, Remi M. DNP, CPNP-AC, CHSE, FAANP
  3. Taicher, Brad DO
  4. Muckler, Virginia C. DNP, CRNA, CHSE


The handoff or handover is the exchange of pertinent medical information from one provider to another. Inadequate handoff communication between healthcare providers can negatively impact patient outcomes. In an effort to improve handoff communication, many studies have developed and evaluated the use of a handoff tool such as a handoff checklist or handoff form to facilitate handoff communication. Recently, the use of the IPASS handoff form, based on the mnemonic for the process, has been associated with a reduction in the rate of adverse events and improvement in information transfer and nurse satisfaction. This quality improvement project adapted the IPASS handoff form for postoperative use in an iterative approach over a series of four phases: (1) requirements/information gathering, (2) adaptation/development, (3) evaluation and modification, and (4) usability testing. Results of this project show that participants viewed the postoperative IPASS handoff form to be easy to use (87.5%), satisfactory (75.0%), and user-friendly (75.0%), which can facilitate its widespread adoption. The key feature identified in making the handoff form user-friendly was its customization feature, which allowed the handoff report to be shortened or expanded to meet the provider- or unit-specific needs.