Effectiveness, Improvement, Nursing information system



  1. Liao, Min-Chi MBA
  2. Chiu, Jing-Er PhD
  3. Tsai, Ching-Mei MS


The implementation of a nursing information system is a revolutionary change in that with its help nurses can quickly complete various assessments and treatment records and simplify manual work. Consequently, physicians and interdisciplinary teams can query information and deliver the most accurate treatment. Since the implementation of a nursing information system to the case hospital, the recording time difference between new and senior nurses was reduced; for new nurses, the recording time per shift decreased from 66.2 +/- 15.0 minutes to 37.16 +/- 15.7 minutes, while for senior nurses with more than 10 years of experience, it decreased from 45.4 +/- 6.65 minutes to 29.1 +/- 4.23 minutes. With the application of the innovation diffusion theory, the Nursing Department achieved cross-team cooperation with the Information Department and successfully developed the nursing information system, which laid a solid foundation for the case hospital to further develop other information systems.