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Grief Steps: 10 Steps to Regroup, Rebuild and Renew After Any Life Loss


Noel, B., & Friedonia, W. Missouri: Champion Press Ltd., 2004, 224 pp, $14.95; 877-250-3354;


In this compassionate guide, best-selling author Brook Noel shares the steps one must take to grieve successfully and rebuild a full life. Based on years of research and working with the bereaved, this book reveals the 10 steps that everyone must take to face grief and heal.


Whether the loss is a relationship, a job, a loved one, or a piece of oneself, there are universal steps that must be taken to rebuild. Noel reveals each step along with exercises and "Hope-Notes" to guide the journey. Whether the loss is recent or occurred years ago, Grief Steps shows how to resolve and reconcile your world to find contentment and purpose in life.