1. Gapinski, Mary Ann MSN, RN, NCSN
  2. Zucker, Donna M. PhD, RN


Chronic hepatitis C (HCV) varies greatly in its course and outcomes. Reports of fatigue and other symptoms are common during treatment and when patients are not receiving treatment. Exercise as a form of treatment for HCV-related fatigue has had little attention in research studies, yet data from studies in closely related chronic conditions consistently report the value of exercise for maintaining and improving health and reducing risk factors. This article examines the factors influencing the development of an exercise protocol as an adjunct to health promotion in patents with HCV. A review of the current literature summarizes findings from the areas of exercise in chronic illness states, exercise measures, and exercise prescription as treatment for chronic illnesses, with a focus on HCV. Nurses should consider these factors when developing an exercise protocol as an alternative treatment for side effects and symptoms related to hepatitis C and other chronic conditions. More research on specific exercise prescriptions should be undertaken and reported in the literature.