cutaneous, empyema necessitans, intramuscular, negative-pressure wound therapy, tuberculosis



  1. Othman, Sharifah A. MBBS
  2. ElSharkawy, Tarek M. MD
  3. Alfaifi, Doaa MD
  4. Aljehani, Yasser MD


ABSTRACT: Tuberculosis (TB) is endemic to some geographic areas such as Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It is called the great mimicker because of its diverse and variable presentation and affects almost every organ in the body with different symptomatology. Often, TB causes empyema necessitans, the rarest forms of which are intramuscular and cutaneous. Here, the authors report a case of empyema necessitans and intramuscular TB, which was managed successfully with negative-pressure wound therapy. The treatment provided a good outcome and patient satisfaction compared with traditional invasive surgical options.