1. Miller, Margaret RN, MSN

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I want to thank you for the January 2005 issue of HHN, which printed my response to your Nightingale question ("Should We Retire Florence Nightingale as Our Symbol?" July 2003).


After retiring (30 of 43 total working years in home care), I canceled my subscription to the journal, truthfully thankful I no longer must deal with PPS, OASIS, or JCAHO reviews. However, I must now admit that I miss HHN!! My primary retirement project has been to develop a Congregational Health Program in my church, and I have found that back issues of HHN provide wonderful sources of information for basic health topics.


In the January 2005 issue, I am sure I will be using information in "Clipboard," "Medication News," and the article on diabetes. Also, the article on preventing or reducing falls is full of usable information for our program.


In our Congregational Health Committee meeting, we discussed the pros and cons of subscribing to HHN for our program. Thank you for a quality journal that has many uses.


Margaret Miller, RN, MSN