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clinical nurse specialist, Delphi survey, medical cooperation recognition, scientific research, specialty nurses



  1. Cai, Xinying MD
  2. Zheng, Shaoyan
  3. Huang, Jiajia
  4. Zheng, Zeli
  5. Xu, Manqing
  6. Wu, Xiaoying MD
  7. Zhou, Yuhua


Purpose: The present study aimed to establish an index system for the performance evaluation of specialty nurses (SNs) in tertiary hospitals.


Background: An objective index system for performance evaluation of SN has not yet been established in China.


Design: A 2-round Delphi survey sought opinions from experts about the index system for SNs' performance evaluation in tertiary hospitals in China.


Methods: Delphi survey was used to inquire approximately 20 experts from the fields of nursing management, nursing education, and clinical nursing. We determined the weight coefficient of each index of performance evaluation based on the opinion. Finally, the index of the quality evaluation was established for SN.


Results: A total of 20 experts from 10 provinces in China reached a consensus on the tertiary indexes of the assessment model. The indexes contained first-level (4), second-level (16), and third-level (24) indicators. The 4 aspects of the performance evaluation, including clinical specialist practice assessment, nursing research, education assessment, medical cooperation recognition, and personal comprehensive ability assessment, reached consensus.


Conclusion: Establishing the performance evaluation for SNs aided the SNs in achieving the best clinical practice after training. The performance evaluation still needed to be continuously improved.