bone density testingr, gastric bypass, obesity, osteoporosis



  1. Hogan, Susan Leininger MSN, RN


The article identifies 2 national healthcare problems that are occurring in the United States. The first national healthcare problem is obesity and the second is osteoporosis. What do these 2 healthcare problems have in common? They go hand in hand in teenagers and adults who have undergone weight reduction surgeries. These surgical procedures place a person at risk for osteoporosis because of the surgical procedure causing malabsorption that comes from the bypassing of the duodenum, which is the primary location for the absorption of calcium. This new high-risk population needs to become educated regarding osteoporosis and the treatment measures that can be instituted to prevent this disease. Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones of the body become very fragile and can easily break. Any bone can be affected by osteoporosis and fracture. There is no cure for osteoporosis but this disease can be controlled and prevented. This article discusses various treatment and prevention measures, ranging from dietary changes to the addition of medications.