metabolic profiling, personalized behavioral nutrition, Type 2 diabetes



  1. Ko, Jisook
  2. Wang, Jing
  3. Du, Yan
  4. Jiwani, Rozmin
  5. Li, Chengdong


Background: Metabolomics profiling is an objective assessment of metabolic responses to intricate dietary patterns. However, few studies have investigated the potential benefits associated with personalized behavioral nutrition (PBN) interventions incorporating the metabolomics approach for improving diabetes outcomes for older Asian Americans with Type 2 diabetes.


Objective: This article describes the protocol for a pilot study testing self-management of a nutrition intervention-provided personalized dietary advice incorporating metabolites phenotypic feedback and digital self-monitoring of diet and blood glucose.


Methods: A total of 60 older Asian Americans will be randomized into two groups: a PBN group and a control group. Participants in the PBN group will receive personalized dietary advice based on dietary and phenotypic feedback-used metabolic profiles. This study aims to examine the feasibility and preliminary effects of the PBN on diabetes outcomes.


Results: The study began in September 2020, with estimated complete data collection by late 2021.


Discussion: Findings from this pilot study will inform future research for developing personalized nutrition interventions for people with Type 2 diabetes.