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Decision support tools, Drug therapy computer assisted, Mobile application, Precision medicine



  1. Baker, Elizabeth White PhD
  2. Dodson, Crystal Heath PhD, RN, MSN, BC-ADM, CNE


Pharmacogenetics, a subset of precision medicine, provides a way to individualize drug dosages and provide tailored drug therapy to patients. This revolution in prescribing techniques has resulted in a knowledge deficit for many healthcare providers on the proper way to use pharmacogenetics in practice. This research study explored the potential adoption of clinical decision support system mobile apps by clinicians through investigating the initial usability of the PGx prototype application in an effort to address the lack of such tools used in practice. The study method included usage of a clinical decision support system programmed within our pharmacogenomics drug dosage application (called PGx) in a simulated environment. Study participants completed the System Usability Scale survey to report on the perceived usefulness and ease of use of the mobile app. The PGx app has a higher perceived usability than 85% of all products tested, considered very good usability for a product. This general usability rating indicates that the nurse practitioner students find the application to be a clinical decision support system that would be helpful to use in practice.