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  1. Avci, Yasemin Demir PhD, RN
  2. Gozum, Sebahat PhD, RN


With advancing technology, patients with stroke often survive the critical acute phase, but require supportive care by informal caregivers after discharge from the hospital. Little is known about the experiences of these caregivers during the immediate posthospital period. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the opinions and experiences of caregivers of stroke patients who were enrolled in the Transitional Care Model Stroke Turkey (TEMpEST) discharge planning program. Individual interviews were conducted with 23 caregivers of stroke patients about their experiences with the TEMpEST discharge program. Seven subthemes were identified: trust, information, morale, satisfaction, care and concern, follow-up, and continuity. The effectiveness of the program can be assessed by applying the TEMpEST program to different patient groups and conducting in-depth interviews with both patients and their caregivers.