1. Mori, Candace
  2. Sheehan, Denice
  3. Graor, Christine Heifner
  4. Petrinec, Amy


Despite what is known about risk factors, preventive treatment, and increased prevalence of fragility fractures in post-bariatric surgical patients, little is known about how patient perspectives of osteoporosis risk inform their commitment to bone health. The purpose of this study was to examine the lived experience of osteoporosis risk in people who have had bariatric surgery. Interpretive phenomenology was used to explore osteoporosis from the perspectives of patients who have had bariatric surgery. Eligibility criteria included female, age older than 18 years, and able to understand and speak English.


This research provided an understanding of the risk of osteoporosis from the constructed realities and experiences of those who have had bariatric surgery. Participants in this study incorrectly felt they had little to no risk for osteoporosis after bariatric surgery.


Patients need to be aware of an increased risk for osteoporosis leading to the potential for fragility fractures after bariatric surgery; nurses are well positioned to enhance osteoporosis prevention efforts in this population through pre- and postoperative education.