Parenting, Adolescent, Qualitative research, Models, theoretical



  1. Stiles, Anne Scott PhD, RN


Purpose: To identify and organize the perceived needs, goals, and strategies of teen mothers.


Study Design and Methods: Qualitative, using a microethnographic design. Data collection strategies included focus groups and interviews in a naturalistic setting. The sample consisted of five unmarried 18-year-old mothers enrolled in an urban high school in a southern state. Data were analyzed using a clustering technique and a modified multistage method of content analysis.


Results: Teen mothers identified their needs as support and knowledge. Goals were happiness, independence, and career, and strategies were a support group, life skills education, formal education, and a job. A model was developed incorporating these themes.


Clinical Implications: Nurses can use the findings of this study to develop support groups for adolescent mothers that offer peer support and education about teen and child needs, are flexible and multidisciplinary, are supportive and accepting, have a comfortable physical environment, and include the adolescents' children and occasionally grandparents.