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  1. Salmon, Christine DPT
  2. Hidalgo, Leona DPT, EdD
  3. Jenkins, Lisa MPT
  4. Vitente, Arvie PhD, DPT, MPH
  5. Garcia, Miguel DPT
  6. Dias, Dalila DPT


Objective: A miniature semisystematic review to determine health professionals' current practices when screening for depression in older adult community dwellers.


Evidence Review: A review of research studies published between April 2010 and April 2020 using a university library system and key words specific to factors essential to this review.


Findings: Health professionals inconsistently perform depression screening to rule out or determine the risk of diagnosis or after a new diagnosis.


Conclusions and Relevance: Health professionals are not routinely screening for depression despite possible impacts on outcomes. More evidence is needed to promote depression screening in health care for improved patient outcomes.