1. Howard, Brenda S. DHSc, OTR
  2. Brown Jones, Fiona OTD, OTR
  3. Sellers Steenblock, Aundrea OTD, OTR
  4. Ham Butler, Kiersten OTD, OTR
  5. Thomas Laub, Ellen OTD, OTR
  6. Winters Crull, Meghan OTD, OTR
  7. Zaborowicz Grant, Katherine OTD, OTR


Purpose: To determine effects of a fall risk educational program on fall risk awareness.


Methods: Twenty-five community-dwelling older adults 65 years and older attended a single-session intervention. Investigators held focus groups 1 month post-intervention. Investigators administered the Short Falls Efficacy Scale-International (S-FES-I) pre- and post-intervention.


Results: Raw S-FES-I scores trended toward reduced fear of falling. Older adults reported heightened awareness of fall risks and reinforcement of fall prevention behaviors. Social support and narrative storytelling helped motivate participants.


Conclusion: A single-session educational program reinforced existing fall risk reduction knowledge and behaviors but was limited in its ability to prompt behavioral change.