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  1. McCarville, Erin E. DrPH, MPH
  2. Martin, Molly A. MD, MAAP
  3. Pratap, Preethi Lakshmi PhD
  4. Pinkser, Eve PhD
  5. Seweryn, Steven M. EdD, MPH
  6. Peters, Karen E. DrPH


Research calls for community health worker (CHW) integration within health systems, yet there is no agreement regarding what CHW integration is or guidance for how it can be achieved. This study examines factors associated with CHW integration in community and health care settings using a qualitative descriptive multiple-embedded case study of CHW teams at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Data were collected via semistructured interviews/document review and analyzed using thematic coding and quantitative content analysis. Factors associated with higher clinical integration included culture, communication, protocols, and training while higher community integration was associated with accessibility, relationships, and empathy.