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Hypothermia does not confer a benefit in survival or neurologic outcomes in patients with coma after cardiac arrest, according to a randomized controlled trial in the June 17 New England Journal of Medicine. Current American Heart Association guidelines recommend targeted temperature management between 32[degrees]C and 36[degrees]C, while also acknowledging that questions regarding this recommendation remain because of equivocal findings across studies and low quality of the evidence. In this trial of 1,861 patients with coma who had an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, 930 patients underwent targeted hypothermia at 33[degrees]C with gradual rewarming and 931 underwent targeted normothermia with early treatment of fever. Patients in the targeted hypothermia group did not have a lower incidence of death or better functional status than those in the normothermia group. However, they did have more arrythmias with resulting cardiac instability. Results indicate that hypothermia presents some risk for the patient without a clear benefit.