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* In her post "A Proposal to Ensure Patients Don't Fall Through the Cracks," retired medical-surgical nurse Mary Ann Hoyt outlines an idea for a visual alert to notify staff when a patient hasn't been checked on for 60 minutes (


* "Nursing and its role in our wild pandemic-stricken world seems to be reaching a tipping point that we've never quite found ourselves in before," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "A Plea for Help in Making Nursing Sustainable" (


* In his post "Some Recent APEX and Clarion Award Winning AJN Content," AJN senior editor Jacob Molyneux highlights the journal's latest recognitions (



"It takes more than great leadership and a great culture to retain nursing professionals." "I have heard many nurse friends at various hospitals speak of their love for nursing and their desire to leave. There are sign-on bonuses everywhere, and for a reason." "Nurses are beyond weary . . . we are hurting and we cannot continue this way."




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* Nneka Lotea Ifejika and Heather H. Washington, two of the authors of "Acute Ischemic Stroke."


* Ann L. Hendrich, author of "Reimagining Injurious Falls and Safe Mobility."


* Senior clinical editor Christine Moffa speaks with Donna Sabella, author of "Improving Mental Health Awareness."


* Reflections: Listen to a reading of Barbara Wukovits's personal essay, "My Pocket of Care."